Why Bellingen?

Our office is in Bellingen, a rare and special place, host to a plethora of creative, talented people who want a special place in which to live and grow. It has an eclectic mix of musicians, artists, craftsmen – and now investors.

“Bellingen is one of those turn-of-the-century villages that didn’t lose any of its charm when the 21st century came galloping in. It has a “Byron must have been like this once” feel, but is hippie without the dippy. It really does set you planning how you could chuck it all in and move here.”

Keith Austin, SMH 22 Sept 2007

Bellingen is located at the base of Dorrigo Mountain in the magnificent Bellinger Valley, half way between Sydney and Brisbane on the NSW mid north coast. We are 30 minutes drive south of Coffs Harbour.

To many people, a quiet little village 500km from the closest major city is not a good place to operate a financial service business. However they are dead wrong . We believe it is the perfect place!

These are the factors which we consider to be crucial:

People: Every business says it’s the quality of the people that matters. Give them and their family a life in which they can be happy and thrive and the business will also thrive. We continue to be amazed by the talent that is in the local area, and if we need to recruit from the cities, we have a great offering.

Connectivity: The Internet is vital for our business and it is what enables us to be based out of the main financial centres. We have high speed Internet, excellent computer systems and a back-up office. We also have phones in the bush… they too come in handy.

Thinking time: A critical element for us is time to put the pieces of the jigsaw together. The financial hubs are great for organising lots of meetings, but this can also detract from clear thinking. We are located in a great, quiet environment to formulate our strategies and analysis.

Access to the cities: There are times when we do want to meet companies, analysts or clients. There are flights each day direct from Coffs Harbour to Brisbane and Sydney. In fact, there are 9 flights a day, using 3 airlines, from Coffs Harbour to Sydney; a quick 45 minute flight.

For more on Bellingen look here but shhhh… don’t tell anyone.