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Craig Scheef - Founder and Investment Director

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We have a passion for uncovering great investments BEFORE the masses do while building close relationships with our clients.

Would you like to increase your wealth by investing in up-and-coming Australian businesses who are expanding in global markets?

Who is Technical Investing?

We are a boutique funds manager specialising in emerging growth companies. We seek out business that not only have great services and products but are also disruptive and scalable. Our investments include technology, resources and services firms. 

If you would like to invest in the market but don’t have the necessary time, network or knowledge to do so, we can help. We are dedicated to investing and assisting successful entrepreneurs and families to manage their wealth - allowing them to spend more time on their core business interests and families.

Get in touch now to learn about how we can help you to diversify and increase your wealth. 

Today we are heavily invested in software and technology companies. What about tomorrow?

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Fees only on performance

We aim to identify trends and business early, investing before the masses also uncover the opportunity. 

We charge fees only when the value of your investment increases. 

Audience network

Your investments,your manager

We have built a network of advisors, executives, experts in specific fields and contacts in business and finance. This means that we have great access to information and ideas as well as the ability to access businesses.

We produce monthly updates on your investment. With our model small, focussed and personal you can speak directly with our investment manager.  

Current opportunity

We are taking new investors in our TI Growth Fund.

TI Growth Fund

To maintain our fund model, a relatively small group of like-minded investors, we start our client relationship with a one on one presentation and discussion. We want to be sure that we are offering what you want.

We are living through extraordinary times, COVID-19 has caused more disruption than any event in decades. That disruption gives rise to huge opportunities. Some of our current investments are well placed to benefit from the new circumstances and we are always working to uncover others. 

What People Have to Say About TI

"I listened to Craig over 20 years ago and that enabled me to turn a relatively small amount of money into enough to buy my first McDonald's restaurant. Several years later that great beginning had me return to Craig to manage my money and I have been with him ever since. I did not hesitate to become his first client. He has always impressed me with his ability to see the potential in emerging companies long before the market realises their true value, and he has exceptional knowledge of markets and future trends. Craig is highly driven to deliver results for TI clients and he does so with passion and integrity. He is intellectually curious and has a talent and instinct for knowing whether a business has the right team in place to deliver strong results. I am very excited for the future of my investments with Technical Investing."

Adam Sherman, Black Sheep Investments

 "Dear Craig, as usual it is a pleasure bringing transactions to you. In my 30+ years in equity markets both in Australia and the US you are in a class of your own with the extent and thoroughness of your Due Diligence. Always keeps us and our Corporates on our toes."

Andrew Van Heyst – Bridge Street Capital


Technical Investing and its investment manager, Craig Scheef, have been featured in a number of print and video interviews and articles.

Learn more about how to increase your wealth by investing in up-and-coming Australian businesses who are taking on the world…. Where we and you can help them to do it…. and piggyback on their success.

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