Our investment strategy is to identify trends through the use of both fundamental and technical analysis. We are quite thematic in our investment approach. Once a major theme/sector is identified we then drill down and look for individual investments that can offer strong returns. Our investment strategy relies heavily on technical analysis as a timing tool for investing. It is our analysis of the respective price charts that will generally trigger our buy and sell decisions.

We believe that the market moves in trends and cycles, that human behaviour repeats over time and that you can track and measure this through good technical analysis.

We use a combination of top-down macro analysis together with bottom-up fundamental company research to assist in our investment reviews.  The funds invest in both Australian and overseas markets. To date the majority of investments have been in the Australian market with some investments made in the North American and Canadian markets, however over time we believe the proportion from other markets will increase.

The funds are designed for wholesale investors who seek an alternative type of investment fund. Investors must be prepared to accept the risk that they will be exposed to fluctuations in global share markets and currencies.