Why Technical Investing?

Technical Investing is a small group of very experienced individuals who have a passion for strong positive investment returns for clients. Week in, week out, this passion is the driving force working for clients in both rising and falling markets.

We do things differently from mainstream investing businesses. It is our aim to produce positive returns in both rising and falling markets.

Human behaviour undoubtedly repeats itself over time, not just in financial markets but also in many other endeavours in life. The herd mentality is a well-documented and studied phenomenon. To avoid being left behind investors often jump on to rising, overpriced investments. They also tend to sell stocks that are getting cheaper, just because the herd has decided to leave.

At Technical Investing we study this behaviour and in particular the way it repeats itself over time. We endeavour to anticipate substantial rises or falls in stock prices; it is part of Technical Investing’s daily routine. This study of human behaviour, coupled with the identification of current, powerful investment themes, gives Technical Investing a two-pronged approach to delivering high investment returns for clients.

Strong Risk Management

Our view is that risk management must form an integral part of the whole investment approach and that selling is just as important as buying. Our technical analysis allows us to step back and assess trends; reviewing whether and when those trends are changing.

When we make any investment we assess each trade; why it was entered, what is the risk at that point, what is the strategy, then actively manage that trade and systematically review both open and closed trades.

Fees only on performance

We believe that it is critical to align the interests of the manager with the interests of investors to the greatest practical extent.

Investors seek positive returns; we believe therefore that it is only the achievement of positive returns which should lead to the manager receiving a fee.

Our fee structure is such that TI charges a management fee only once we have taken the price of the Fund higher. Additionally we use a high water mark, so once a fee is taken at a certain Unit Price, no further management fee is paid until that Unit Price, that “high water mark”, is passed.

Other benefits of an investment in TI funds

  • Through a single purchase, investors can achieve a diversified investment which will present opportunities both within and outside Australia.
  • We are independent of any other financial services business and majority employee owned.  This is an increasingly rare phenomenon, especially today where large financial institutions are dominant in the funds management industry.
  • We have an approach which differs from most funds managers.  Our approach will bring diversification to your overall investment portfolio.
  • Our service is entirely client focused with the objective of preserving and enhancing your wealth through the generation of positive investment returns over the medium to long term.
  • We have outsourced many professional services. This allows the Manager to focus on managing the portfolio while outside specialists add value and skills in support of the Fund’s main goals.
  • The executive team own the majority of the management company, accordingly they have a huge incentive to ensure its success and longevity. Investing success is our passion and excellence in client service our desire.