Information Memorandum

The Information Memorandums (IMs) for the Technical Investing funds are available by contacting us using the details on the contact page. The Information Memorandum for each fund is the document which potential investors should read in order to gain more information on the funds. They set out in some detail the structure, style, objectives and fees of each fund as well as other items which will be of interest to potential investors. The Information Memorandums contain application forms. Note that a summary of each fund can also be found on the Fund Specifications page.

Quarterly Investor Updates

Each month clients receive an update for the fund in which they are invested. The updates have commentary on the funds’ performance for the month. Each quarter the updates are more detailed and include our outlook as well as commentary on a sector, stock or other significant point of interest. Our aim is not only to inform our clients but to improve their understanding of the funds’ investment approach. Current investors can access the monthly and quarterly reports here (password required). Copies of Investor Updates are also available by contacting Technical Investing using the details on the contact page.

Customer Presentations

We describe our clients as “like minded investors” – they understand and are comfortable with our investment strategies. Accordingly, we prefer to meet clients before we accept their money. We like to work through our presentation with them. The presentation summarises our funds in a more user-friendly way than our Information Memorandum. It also gives us an opportunity to work through various trades and investments which we have made – demonstrating our thinking and actions at different points in time.

Personal Contact

Sometimes, the only way to get the information or understanding which you require is to speak with a real person. We believe that our investors should have access to the people who are looking after their investments; not a call centre operator or a salesperson but the people who are actually managing their investment. When you call Technical Investing, you will be able to speak to those people – the people who are directly looking after your money.