TI Values

Our first objective is to help our clients to grow their wealth.

Underlying that objective is a set of values that we bring with us; honesty, integrity, openness, adaptability and accountability. 

Our desire is that our skills, network and efforts help to make the world a better place. We have a strong ethos of “do the right thing”; for our clients, for the businesses we invest in and for all the people that we connect with along the way.

We actively look for investments that can improve lives and can bring a positive impact to our society. Investing in healthcare can improve and save lives. Technology can have many advantages that improve living standards and quality of life. Mining produces the materials required to maintain and lift living standards, we just need to ensure it’s being done in the right locations under the right safety and environmental conditions.

We are socially aware investors. There are some areas where we have decided we will not invest. We won’t invest in companies whose purposes are to make money from tobacco, gambling, old growth forest logging, thermal coal or military weapons.

Where we find businesses that can have significant positive impacts we will definitely pay more attention, but these also need to be able to generate the returns that we are seeking for our clients.   

We give our clients the ability to provide capital that helps many Australian businesses grow and take on the world in areas such as healthcare, technology and mining – our clients’ money is being used to create more jobs, innovation and growth in a socially aware environment.